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Default Layering and Mixing Shisha Flavors

I have ruined 2 bowls with Nakla Mizo Mint so far....

I bought the mint for the menthol sensation... and so far it overpowers everything else in the bowl.

First time I mixed 50/50 with Nakla Mizo Mint and Nakla Orange... BIG mistake my cusion wont even try the hookah anymore because he said the taste was so bad. ( I just mixed them all together on tin foil before I put in the bowl)

Last Night I put Fumari Fruit Punch and Mizo Mint together... Again looking for the menthol Sensation.... I used a piece of Mizo Mint I swear the size of my Pink Nail and mixed it with Fumari on tin foil... I tasted only mint.... I wasted a whole bowl of Fumari, it tasted only like mint nothing else. which is crazy considering the small percentage of Mint Shisha I used.

Now comes the question after watching countless youtube videos... I see people layering in their bowls the flavor.

How layering effect the taste? What flavor do you put on the bottom and why? What goes on Top and why? Does the type of Bowl your using effect the layering and mixing effect? Is this the best method to mix flavors?

Do people every mix the flavors straight up before putting in the bowl like I have been doing? I seen someone do it somewhere, so I know someone does. And what would be a good reason to mix this way?
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