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Default Re: Tupperware

Originally Posted by brybry642 View Post
Why would you keep 50 & 100g samples in tupperware, and 250 in original packaging?

Wouldnt you want to keep the bigger samples fresher for longer?
Put them 250g in Ziplocs then back into the Original Box.... To me Ziplocs keep stuff fresher considering I can push out the air.

As for why I put the 50g and 100g in Tupper Ware and not in Ziploc is because I usually cant get small enough bags to fit back in the Original Boxes. and I got this tiny mini Tupperware that work nicely for them. I usually just put the orginal box on top, but think I am going to just using masking tap and label them that way.

The only thing I like about Tupperware over ziplocs is its easier to get shisha out because you dont get it all over the back of your hands reaching in. On the other hand, Again I like ziplocs because I can push out all the air.
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