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Default Re: AF has been a let down...

I tried 4 AF flavours so far:
- DA, very good, quite strong anise taste, I love it! Definately my favourite Double Apple, way better than Nakhla imo. 9/10
- Watermelon, very sweet, it smells like bubblegum candy, and the taste is also sweet. You have to like it.. my friends and I do, others don't 7/10
- Bubble Gum, the smell has a slight sense of bubblegum, but I don't taste bubblegum at all, and the after-taste is quite bad. Maybe good as a mixer, not more 5/10
- Grape, the smell is nice, like the purple wine gums, I like it! But the taste sucks! No grape at all, I can't describe the taste, it is horrible. Stay away from this. 3/10
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