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Default A couple of questions !

I've decided to buy a hookah.

Now there are some things that i cant find on hookahpro.
Ive got a couple of questions about. a hookah and shisa

1. if i use the electric coal thing does it make it healthier. ?
2. Is the electric coal thing compatible with all hookah's ?
3. Should i get two elctric coal things for more heat / smoke
4. What is the experience difference with herb shisha and tabaco shisha ?
5. I want to smoke with 3 or 4 friends and sometimes alone. do i need a autoseal hookah or is it better to go for a 1 hoose hookah ?
6. Does the smoke, damage the room, as in smell and colour change.
7. My budget is 150 euro's / 190 dollars
8. Is it true: the more hoses the less taste and smoke you get when you smoke alone. and how does it work if you smoke with friends ?

Those are my questions i did found most of them here. but not in combination for what i want.

Short story
I have a small lounge room. and i want to smoke there inside with 2-4 friends.
and i want to smoke alone. i also want to smoke on my balcony.
I really want to smoke more healthier so i prefer electric coal and herb shisha.

i love this hookah

I probley said some really noob things here. so yea sorry for that : )

Greetings from The Netherlands
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