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Default Re: A couple of questions !

1. if i use the electric coal thing does it make it healthier. ?
Yes, definately. You don't inhale chemicals from the coals. Although Natural coals are more healthy than Quick Light coals, Electric coal is probably more healthy than Nat coals.

2. Is the electric coal thing compatible with all hookah's ?
I think it depends on the bowl instead of the hookah. I don't know how big an electric coal is. Maybe you get too much heat with too small bowls or few heat with too big bowls. But I don't think it will matter.

3. Should i get two elctric coal things for more heat / smoke
I guess one is enough

4. What is the experience difference with herb shisha and tabaco shisha ?
Herb shisha doesn't contain Nicotine, so herb shisha is not defined as tobacco, but as 'herbs'. If you want to smoke healthy, go for herb shisha. The taste of normal shisha tobacco is better as heard from many members that tried both.

5. I want to smoke with 3 or 4 friends and sometimes alone. do i need a autoseal hookah or is it better to go for a 1 hoose hookah ?
Depends on what you like. I like hookahs with only one hose, so I only got 1-hose hookahs. If more friends come over, they take their hookahs with them (also 1-hose) so we got 2-3 hookahs with 2-3 hoses.
If you wanna buy your hookah for smoking with friends, rather get a 2-hose or 3-hose hookah, with autoseal is better, or else you are pulling air.

6. Does the smoke, damage the room, as in smell and colour change.
I don't think so, not sure.

7. My budget is 150 euro's / 190 dollars
Should be fine for a hookah + some tobacco/coals (electric coal)

8. Is it true: the more hoses the less taste and smoke you get when you smoke alone. and how does it work if you smoke with friends ?
If you got a hookah with autoseal, there is a ball in the hose which prefents you from pulling air out of the other hoses, so only smoke. If you have a hookah with 3 hoses (auto sealed) you should get the same taste/smoke as a hookah with only 1 hose, but a session will be shorter because you are pulling more than with one hose.

I hope this helps, I don't have any experience with electric coals, maybe check some youtube vids about it. Good luck!
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