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Default Re: hookah better than cigarettes?

Honestly, I can't give you a completely straight answer. There has been little to no controlled tests/experiments on the effects hookah smoking.

Compared to cigarettes, You get a ton of smoke in your lungs and a lot of co2, there's no denying these facts.

As for chemicals and such, There's not a lot of additives and chemicals in shisha.

Essentially, comparing hookah to cig's is like comparing apples to oranges. One is burned and inhaled, the other is baked.

We know, that burning tobacco causes tar, so I guess we have reason to believe that there is none to little in hookah smoking.

Like Ahildebrand13 said, "As in all things nothing hurts too bad with moderation"

I think of smoking hookah in this aspect: A few drinks of alcohol (or a few bowls of shisha) is fine you body can process it, when you go out every single night get wasted, prepare for alcohol poisoning or better yet kidney failure (or Lung cancer).

Hope that clears stuff up a bit.
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