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Default Re: How often do you smoke?

I smoke a couple times a week max, sometimes once a month, it depends on my work schedule/ family stuff/ how I feel.

As to your second question, I think that excess and moderation will change from person to person. Age, health, time to devote all need to be taken into account for that figure. For me, I consider it a bit excessive if I have more than 5 bowls a week. If I were to quit smoking cigarettes, I might up that to 10 bowls a week, depending on how I felt about it. Some people might tell you that they smoke 5 bowls a day, and don't consider that excessive.

If you're wondering about the health aspect of smoking hookah and what would be considered excessive concerning that, it would still depend on the individual person's age and health. Although hookah has been studied and shown to be less harmful (by reputable sources) than cigarettes, replacing cigs with hookah sessions on a 1:1 ratio probably isn't the best idea. And if you're wondering how much you can smoke before you mess up your health, the answer is 0. All smoking is bad for you on some level of badness.
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