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Now, i dont know if i have ever explained hookah to my father, because he lives across the country and i don't feel like the hassle is worth it. However, when i ordered my first hookah, i explained to my mom the day after ordering what was coming in the mail, what it was used for. I think part of why she wasn't as bothered was because when i first started smoking i was only smoking that herbal brand, Soex. She is not totally thrilled with the idea, but i always give her a heads up if i have a package coming with hookah stuff, and i try not to "throw it in her face" so to speak. My grandma recently had lung cancer, so since hookah smoking puts me at a possible risk, i try not to bring it up as much, plus i think she is more worried that my sister smokes cigs anyway. I think the important thing is, you want to educate people, but if they don't agree with you, you just have to let it go. And if it is close family, or really close friends, dont push them into it or always bring it up.
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