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Originally Posted by ObsoleteE View Post
I've had issues with the police while smoking my hookah in public view. A simple explanation and showing them the tobacco usually solves the issue. They usually want me to take it inside and out of view though. One cop said "People are going to think you're doing something illegal with that". My reply was "My mother always told me not to care what other people think". He didn't like that, lol. Bottom line, its legal, and I went to Iraq to earn the damn habit, let me enjoy it! I went ahead and took it inside that time, I don't want to be on the bad side of the police.
I used to get this from time to time when I lived in Philadelphia. I'd sit on my front stoop smoking a churchwarden pipe that was a replica of the one that Gandalf smoked in Lord of the Rings. The police would assume I was doing something wrong. All they found in the pipe was good syrian tobacco.

After satisfying their curiosity, if they persist I have had no problem telling them to sod off.
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