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Default Re: The 17" Bracket Hookah

Originally Posted by VShadowHeart View Post
Everyone is missing a very good reason someone might consider this the hookah for them. For most people the number one factor in purchasing a hookah is asthetics, the look, NOT the functionality. Lol thats how I ended up stuck with a disfunctional POS, my wife thinks it looks pretty lol. I know most people think this looks like crap because it is radically different from the traditional design. But hey theres people who wear mohawks and have earrings in their *&^%, thats not where earrings were traditionally meant to be lol.

Some people might find this pleasing to the eye and if thats their opinion then more power to them.

P.S. I think it looks awesome, but I do prefer the traditional styling myself lol.

(Not being rude just stating a viewpoint that in 2 pages of postings has somehow been ignored lol)
Whether it is aesthetically pleasing or not, there are some obvious major design flaws.
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