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Default Re: The 17" Bracket Hookah

Originally Posted by VShadowHeart View Post
I disagree, the dripping juices could clog the downstem but you could easily remedy that with a vortex or funnel bowl. There is no major design flaws that I can see, although I am new to hookah so I could be missing something. The acrylic vase wouldn't melt because as someone said earlier it isn't nearly hot enough that far above the coal. And as far as the high center of gravity, most hookahs that I have seen have that problem.
One obvious design flaw is that neither of those hoses are washable.While you could replace the hose you smoke out of with a washable hose, it does not appear that the hose that connects your bowl to your base is interchangeable with other hoses (specifically washable ones). This will lead to a ghosted hose and the ruin of your sessions rather quickly. I would be surprised if the hose between the bowl and the base lasted 10 sessions before some type of ghosting was present. Especially if you burn a bowl and harsh burnt smoke is passed through it.
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