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Default Re: New to the hookah world.

Cheap KMs from a reputable Ebay dealer!

Tons of well priced MZs from a reputable vendor!

Syrians(Nour, Al Nawra)/AF Hookahs are great too, they are usually brass and super sturdy.

Temsaahs shouldn't be left out either! They are the (in my mind) sister hookah to KMs and have, usually, better build quality.

Mya are they only chinese hookahs people will recommend, they are fine too.
MZs a really nice hookahs in terms of build quality, the welds on my own are nearly perfect. It has a slightly tight draw than the KM. The KM I have is slightly less clean in terms of welds, there is visible/excess amounts of solder on each weld, it has a a very wide draw though, and the welds are just ugly looking, not detrimental to the smoke at all.

KMs have a much more . . . sporadic distribution in terms of quality and you should be aware of that going in.
*braces for wave of KM recommendations*
Welcome to HP.

EDIT: Slow typer here! SonOfGram ninja'd my caravan trading idea !
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