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Default Re: The 17" Bracket Hookah

Originally Posted by VShadowHeart View Post
... But hey theres people who wear mohawks and have earrings in their *&^%, thats not where earrings were traditionally meant to be lol.
how'd we get to lumping people with mohawks and piercings in with this POS thing? i may have a mohawk and a handful piercings, (though none in my "*&^%" unless by that you mean nose or lip) but at least i work. while we're at it, by 'earrings,' i'll assume you mean all piercings and that your definition of traditional is 1-2 tiny holes per lobe, symmetrically aligned about a woman's head. many cultures have been piercing other body parts for centuries.

if you want to change a well-established design away from the norm, you do it for one of two reasons: fashion or function. in design of things that perform tasks, function should almost always come before fashion. if fashion comes first to the point of diminishing function, what you now have is a piece of art that barely functions as the original tool. that is what it is, art. and it has it's place. if it's art you're looking for, go for something like this beauty:

it might be like 7X as expensive, but it's something you could actually be proud to own. and even though i'd be terrified to smoke out of it for fear of breaking it, it's actually believably functional.
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