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Default Which One?

So i'm looking into buying my first "real hookah" (aka, anything other than pumpkins and little mini hookahs). My budget is under $100, and there are two hookahs i am looking at specifically.

One of them is this guy

And the other one is on sale at right now, and i really like it.

I like both of them alot, and i know both KM and MZ are very well trusted companies. Basically it all boils down to what you guys tell me to get. If its honestly worth the extra $20 or so dollars for the KM then i'll do it, but personally i like the looks of the MZ better and its cheaper (keep in mind i'll get a 20% discount if I buy the MZ before may 31st). I want some solid opinions from people who have experience with both of these hookahs (or ones very much like them).

Also, one more thing to keep in mind. I'm a HUGE impulse buyer, and its honestly a terrible habit. Normally i wouldn't even take the time to decide between the two. I'd base my decision off of something stupid like looks or the free stuff that comes with it. So please keep that in mind, i'm really torn between the two.
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