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Default Re: Alot of freaking Tobacco

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
Wanna bet? Go stroll your butt down to Lazy Dayz hookah lounge in Newport News VA. Take a look under their counter and in the back. They proly have 10k of Tangiers alone.

You have to remember, alot of us are in areas where hookah tobacco is not readily available, so we have to order online. That means paying shipping. More per order equals not having to order as often and not paying as much in shipping. When I was in college, I got my tobacco online only, and often had several Ks for personal use, and a couple Ks to smoke with everyone.

Btw, not trying to sound like an ass, but never assume you know everything about a subject. Someone's likely to come along and make you feel really stupid.

I was referring to the kid who says he has 50kilos? Let's say its Nakhla, that is at least $2000 dollars in shisha PLUS shipping. Still calling bullshit. In Orlando, I know for a fact that none of the Hookah Bars around here do not have that much Shisha. So don't be naive and think you know everything about something, otherwise someone will come along and make you feel stupid.

Also I do order my tobacco online as well, because the brands I enjoy are not sold around here, but anything more than 3 Kilo's is a bit ridiculous for personal use.

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