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Default Re: Quick question HP!

I was actually thinking about DM in an Humidor.. since you pretty much have to order it in large quantities. At one of the shops near me.. they store the shisha in a humidor.. but i think that is because it has a lock on it.. i don't know if it helps keep the shisha tobacco longer or not. Humidors are made to keep the air moist which in turns makes [cigars] moist, and they are supposed to stay below 25C/75F, as well as below 75% relative humidity. I would imagine this would have a positive effect, however like someone said earlier.. there is the possibility the wood could add its flavoring to the tobacco. Maybe someone with a DM stash could test the theory? ATM i don't have enough money to try DM.. plus i have those 20 plus samples of SS and my original stash.
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