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Default Re: A experimental idea/way to mix flavors


I know that it wil take very long...
but i still need to review everything and the ad on marktplaats etc.
i'm pretty busy with learning about all the things i need to be paying attention to.

But the idea is to experiment with the hose or mouth piece.
For example you probly know the "euroshopper" limonade the cheapest one. (link)
imo that limonade is Ffin delicious. and the taste is very strong.
if you pour it into a bottle and then empty it and leave a little on the bottem of the bottle. and then squeeze the bottle you have flavored air... so thats kinde the idea...

Yea i squeeze into my empty limonade bottle's at work

When i'm back home i'l fix a technical pic that says more then words : P

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