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Default Re: Alot of freaking Tobacco

Originally Posted by Jhawks240 View Post
I was referring to the kid who says he has 50kilos? Let's say its Nakhla, that is at least $2000 dollars in shisha PLUS shipping. Still calling bullshit. In Orlando, I know for a fact that none of the Hookah Bars around here do not have that much Shisha. So don't be naive and think you know everything about something, otherwise someone will come along and make you feel stupid.

Also I do order my tobacco online as well, because the brands I enjoy are not sold around here, but anything more than 3 Kilo's is a bit ridiculous for personal use.
I was referring to your statement that hookah bars never have more than 10k ever. And I'm not being naive, I've seen their storage space. Considering they sell three brands, average 15 flavors each, on their menu - that's 45 different tobaccos. As it's smarter to use 250g or kilo tubs, even if they only had one open 250g tub of each flavor that's 11k.

Who ever said that someone made a 50k order all at once? He said, and I quote "50k the most i've ever had" (bolding mine). He made have made several gigantic orders and not smoked much of it. It starts to add up.

As to the last statement, I do the same as well as it's cheaper in the long run buying online. And although you may consider it ridiculous, I enjoy being about to choose a different flavor to smoke any time I want out of my 6k stash.

Have a nice smoke!
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