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Default Re: Alot of freaking Tobacco

Originally Posted by WestSide96 View Post
Just cant imagine why u guys keeping more than couple of kilos of tobacco, or maybe its buying obsession ?
well hookah tobacco lasts ruffly 2 years so figure how much you smoke per month multiply that by 24 and thats the top amount you should ever have in your stash....Figure why pay shipping and handling for online orders?just about every vendor has free shipping if you order enuff...Its not any different to have it sitting on your shelf then theres?

if I kept a stash of 2 kilos I would only have 2 flavors nakhla two apples in the Kilo can and AF soft black in a kilo tub and I'd have to make a new order every month and PAY for shipping...

anyway smoke happy....also its kinda nice to have 20 flavors to choose from
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