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Originally Posted by Chas View Post
Have you tried medwakh? What was your experience?
An iranian mixture of tobacco, herbs, bark and spices. Smoked through a midwakh-small pipe. Cheap and gives u a huge buzz, hence the name, which means inebriated in arabic (dokha). I grew up in the Middle East and never heard of it but apparently it is popular in places like UAE where there are some ethnic Iranians. Some young people use it as a way to get buzzed. It comes in many strengths, cold being the mildest and hot being the harshest. Be carefull, One bowl of Dokha is thought to contain 100 mg compared to a cigarettes 700 mg. The buzz you get is due to the amount of nicotine in it. It contains more than a cigarette so be carefull not to over do it cause it will make you sick.

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