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Originally Posted by requi3m View Post
I had a friend once put dry ice in water in a soda bottle and inhale the "smoke" it puts off and nothing happened to him. I contemplated this once and decided it was a bad idea for the previous statement that it may crack the base. But I just think that it will act like a ******* along with the normal effects smoking hookah.
(1) i assume he just took one or two good puffs of it, not a 1+ hour smoking session. inhaling a small volume of CO2 won't hurt you (...probably), but doing it continuously == suffocation. brains need their oxygen.

(2) the other thing you mentioned is probably not welcome on this forum. though there are legitimate medical uses for 'laughing gas,' no medical professional would use that term. also, the gas used there is N2O (nitrous oxide), not CO2 (carbon dioxide).
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