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Default Al fakher from Turkey?

In some threads here about AF fakes i found photos of exactly same packages i bought now. Somebody here writes that they are original, but there is difference.

At first look: pure original AF 250g box is SQUARE from every side. Those are FLAT.

When you opened this flat package, inside is can similar to original AF, but cap is differend. You know, original AF 250g cap dont fit too much good and you must close package cerefully to avoid self-opening. These "possibly fake" can caps fit better. There is other weird clue on the bottom of can - web adress of maker: And for sure this is not UAE product!!!

Print, logo, etc. are exactly same

Bag inside is exactly same as "100% legal AF"

But inside bag... something is wrong. It smell like Al Fakher and tastes like Al Falher, but tobacco si very, very bad cutted, full of tenacles and other garbage. There is also important lack of Al Fakher legendary "wetness". And mint is artifically colored to green! Original AF mint must be red.

Summary, it tastes like Al Fakher, but you will miss AF duration, due to lack of molas. It is not bad shisha, and here is very cheap. IMHO this is weird batch of original AF, maybe for german market, in some way crippled by repackaging or wrong warehousing. Maybe they must reduce amount of molas due some stupid law, so they use second grade tobacco too...

Buy it, but try to handle cheap price.
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