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Default Re: Videos for April 1st-May31st 2010 .. contest sponsored by Social Smoke!

Title: Soex Pudina Review

Description: On tonight's show, we have a very special guest. Please help me in welcoming Tiffany Fox! She's the best girlfriend a guy could ever ask for and thankfully she likes Hookah too. I love you! =)

Really the only reason anybody would buy Soex brand shisha would be because it is herbal, meaning that there is no real tobacco in it. But, this would be a great choice if you want to smoke hookah, but do not want to tango with the side effects of tobacco.

Pudina is a nice mint flavor, and contrary from most Soex flavors, isn't really chemically tasting. There was a definitely a mint taste, but sadly it wasn't too pungent. I was hoping for a great mint smoke, but I would leave this flavor as exclusively a mixer due to it's lack of awesomeness.

The cloud was surprisingly good, especially for Soex. That or I'm just getting better at setting-up hookahs.

One thing to note is that Soex is very heat resistant compared to other real tobacco shishas, but also very finicky. For a successful smoke, you're going to have to add a little more heat than normal, but be careful because there is a fine line that can be easily crossed if you add too much. Harsh smoke is already bad, but if you're not even going to get a nicotine buzz from it... it's just plain worthless.

Not the worst Soex flavor. I would recommend and would not recommend at the same time because it's neither outstanding nor despicable. If you want it, go get it, if you don't... no real loss to you.