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Default Re: A experimental idea/way to mix flavors

Originally Posted by ttdr View Post
But thats not fair.
and its more like if your fav mix is out of stock.
you can still mix with some flavor "extract" from walmart instead of placing a new order.

Or if you want to enhance the taste. so putting the
flavor extract in the water and in the hose to enhance the taste.

And you could rape all questions with

Q: I'v bought a cobra hose how to tweak it for a better pull.
A:Or just buy a Nammor, Razan.

Q: How to turn my 1 hose hookah into a two hose hookah.
A: or just buy a multiple hose hookah !

you know....

I know i was just dicking around. Some other ways to enhance the hookah session is drinking different teas, coffees or eating fruit while smoking.
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