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Default Re: non-discript names

Originally Posted by Cadrian View Post
I don't understand the non-descriptive labels... I dont wanna buy it. Especially the labels that have a weird description that don't really follow the flavor.

The only way I know what they taste like is going on their site and looking it up*Which can be non descriptive as well* or my Fav watching youtube videos... But to the person with the actual product in their hand... They dont know, except by smell, which I always feel stupid smelling stuff in the store but I guess everyone does it.

Examples.... Starbuzz Pirates Cave ( Why the hell does this taste like Marigarita and not Spiced Rum?)
Social Smoke Mobster (Why not just name it Energy Drink?) Or hell name it Frankenstein an actual monster, I can see how it would relate then.
Well on face book theres a Mafia game that uses energy drinks to give you mor energy. They are cold Mobster in the game. No telling if theres any relation or not
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