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Default Re: Descripe your first hookah experience

Ah I remember my very first hookah experience like it was yesterday lol. Well it wasn't exactly yesterday, it was almost 2 years ago haha. My friend's friend was talking about it and both of us (who were on a vacation to our state fair) had no clue what she was talking about. So when we went, we were both really kinda skeptic, not because we thought it was illegal, it was just something different. The place wen went to had many different flavors. The flavor we got was like strawberry chocolate. It wasn't that great to be honest but a little while later someone brought their pipe over and gave it to us saying they were done. We were like "AWESOME!!". Then 5 minutes after that, someone else brought theirs over and gave it to us. We were shocked because they had only been smoking for like 10 minutes. So our group of about 5 people had 3 hookahs sitting around us each with a different flavor. It was a great experience until all of the hoses started to get tangled together lol

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