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Default Re: Hat's of to Social Smoke!

Originally Posted by partylobster View Post
These guys really are the best. One of their packages from them arrived to my front door while I was away and some bung hole swiped it from me by the time I got back the next day. I messaged them to let them know what happened and told them I planned on just buying the flavors again because I had already promised them video reviews. I didn't want to ask for more free shisha because the package at my door really was my responsibility.

I got a reply the next day (today) saying that they had just shipped out another package free of charge and that this one would require a signature. =D

After this contest is over, they will definitely still be a company I will routinely buy from.
That right there is what I call customer appreciation, hell, it's not even customer appreciation since you didn't actually buy anything.

Social Smoke has gone to my #1 spot as the go to vendor and I'll always order from them, unless of course I need something they don't have. I got my last set of samples coming in tomorrow along with a Nammor, Windcover, and some coals. Really looking forward to it. Got a garage sale tomorrow too, so I'll be lighting up as I'm trying to sell some stuff and make some money to buy some 250g Social Smoke cans.
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