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Default FYI about the Glitter Base!

I purchased a 3 hose KM from a lil while ago now for my buddys and i and have washed the vase say 3 times. this last time i was washing it, all the paint on the outside of the base just started to fall off. i wasnt using really hot water or anything, all i had to do was hold it under the water and it would "power wash" it right off. i wasnt too crazy about the glitter base anyways but it came with the hookah i ordered and was on sale so w/e but if you were thinking of getting the glitter id look into that, could have been a bad vase or something too. or maybe your not supposed to clean the outside of the vase?

this is more of a rant than anything i guess, so sorry about that but IMO the glitter base is a pass!
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