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Default Re: Descripe your first hookah experience

Originally Posted by EvanW View Post
I was just wondering when/how you guys went about your first hookah experience?

For me, it was only about 2 months ago. I was up at college when one of my friends, future suite-mate, told me we should hookah. I had never smoked ANYTHING until this day, and I was nervous! Needless to say, I enjoyed it a TON, and now I'm here!

Not a terribly in depth story, but it's all I've got

Your turn!

Don't try and smoke anything else! Hookah has officially ruined all other kinds of smoking for you. Lol

For me, I was a naysayer. I used to mentor a group of high school kids and as they got to be juniors and seniors, they started to frequent a local hookah bar (this particular bar is actually kind of gross, though I wouldn't have known the difference at the time). I'd always give them a hard time about it because I didn't understand the culture or why exactly they enjoyed it so much.

Well, flash foreword a few years, several major life (and idealogical changes) had taken place and I found myself in a friends garage which he'd redone into a little hookah lounge with couches and christmas lights and interesting tapestries. We smoked out of a 24" Mya and I thought this thing looked incredible (in fact, it still looks quite nice). I was still skeptical because of my past, unfounded, opinions. But, reluctantly I tried it. And of course, to my surprise, it was nothing like what I expected. It was smooth and flavorful and I didn't experience any kind of chemical euphoria.

A week later I bought a pipe from Sahara Smoke, which I promptly returned when it arrived and I discovered (even as a novice smoker) that it was garbage. I then found Hookah-Shisha and bought a Mya Paragon (which I still have and love) and I have been smoking and collecting ever since.
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