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Default Re: Second hand hookah smoke.

To reiterate what Nick stated above, you have to bear in mind that there just isn't much research that has been conducted on the effects of hookah smoke, either first or second hand, to post a definate good/bad reply to the question. I'd say search the web and see what info you can dig up. Then, make a conscious choice for yourself on this one. You can ask a Dr., too, just to make the effort well rounded but from the medical community you are going to get a resounding negative response, I am sure. They aren't going to give you an advise with which you might be able to turn around and sue them if ever there were any problems. So, without giving you any direction at all, research for yourself, consider all of the information that you find, and make a decision based on what you've learned. Sorry for being so vague but it is an issue for which, at this point in time, there isn't a conclusive answer to give. Smoke happy.

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