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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
What does the number of smoking implements have to do with it? I mean, if you want I can list my hookah items but a person could own one bowl, one hose and one hookah and still get great sessions.

Trust me, I've tried milk in the base and it added nothing in my experiences. Every time I experimented with it the smoke was not more smooth than without and it just meant the I needed to work harder to clean up and worried about my hoses having milk residue in them. sour milk is a session ruiner without doubt.

You should be able to get a session of the utmost smoothness with just tobacco, charcoal and water.
bad sence of taste? I have a friend that burnt shisha tastes good to him... 2 hookahs and 5 bowls means I have experience with hookahs and they don't produce perfect smoke
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