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Originally Posted by Laimis View Post
bad sence of taste? I have a friend that burnt shisha tastes good to him... 2 hookahs and 5 bowls means I have experience with hookahs and they don't produce perfect smoke
Bad sense of taste? We were talking about smoothness.

If that's all you're measuring by then I have... 5 hookahs and 10 bowls. But that means nothing. The amount of stuff someone owns has no correlation to their ability to use it. I know a few people that have more stuff than I do and I would never trust them to set up a session.

I'm not trying to offend or annoy you. I am just saying that if you have problems with harshness or that your smoke is not perfectly smooth there are better, cheaper and cleaner ways to make the session better. Heat management is usually the main culprit. I have perfect sessions that do not need any modification and I have achieved this without using anything beyond the standard tobacco, charcoal and water. I find milk to be unnecessary, messy and more expensive than just water while adding nothing to the session. Thus, I advise against it's use.

I'm done thread jacking. Sorry for that everyone.
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