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Default Is this person serious?

From time to time, I search through ebays hookah listings to see if I can find any decent deals. It's a good way to by small accessories without having to pay exorbinant shipping fees.

For the hell of it, I searched Nammor. Now normally no Nammor products are listed...but today there was an Azizi 22" hookah.

Now, I have to ask you, how stupid does this person think that the average consumer is? Hookah-shisha the manufacturer of this product currently is selling this hookah for 68.95, while this person decided to list the same pipe like this:

Naturally, I sent this person a message linking the Nammor hookah on HS and asked them how they expected to sell a USED hookah for more than a quality vendor sells the same product NEW.

Many of you will find this post pointless, I just had to vent this to a community that knows where Im coming from. Nothing bugs me more than someone trying to rip off uneducated consumers.
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