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Default Re: (hookah dilemma)

Originally Posted by hookahpimp View Post
the $34,000 Question lol

i have gotten a lot of emails about this so i will answer the question now.....

The reason why the site is down is because of the move... but... we just received our container of MZ hookahs last week... we have 19 models to choose from and 7 of them are completely new to the market and never been seen....

As For the KM's the container will arrive this week. it will take 3-5 days for it to get cleared from customs. from that point pictures must be taken, photoshopped, uploaded. once that is done i have the wonderful task of writing descriptions, then take inventory, and ..... update every thing on the site....

i am truly sorry for the delay and i assure you it will be worth it in the end!
I know this move is because your business has been most excellent, but hurry up! I want to give you money in exchange for goods! I mean, come on, doncha want to pop a girl's hookah cherry? I picked you based entirely on your robust reputation. If I sent you pictures of my boobs or something, would that make the process go faster?


Being patient is hard. You have the worst timing ever, man. Also, congratulations. You obviously run an excellent business.
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