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Default Re: Freezing A Hookah Vase

so im to lazy to read through everything but heres some basic info/thoughts for you.

the cold will not crack the vase it self as long as you are not shocking it a lot. furnace glass usually has a linear coefficient of thermal expansion of 96X10^-7, now honestly i dont know much about that that means i am getting a BFA not a BS, to the best of my understanding over a specified temp range that is the amount the material contracts or expands. so as the glass cools it contracts ever so slightly. the reason you have cracks when some glasses get a fast change in temp is because the surface of the glass contracts before the inner part of the glass does, causing excessive stress. a bit of comparison pyrex (the super strong glass) has a COE of 33, the lower the COE the stronger/more durable the glass because it is less susceptible to change (also the materials making the specific glass up can change the susceptibility some what)

now freezing water in glass especially a base where it gets smaller as the base goes up will cause a lot of force pushing out. if the glass is pretty perfectly round and doesnt have imperfections you shouldnt have issues (on paper at least).

so in short, on paper/in theory, you shouldnt have an issue but in reality you could especially with the low quality of glass

if you really want a cold smoke put ice in your base and insulate it.

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