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Default Re: What is it what makes or breaks the hookah

ok so the reason a hookah, be it what ever, seems to be better can come down to a few things IMHO.

-low constrictions/high flow (wide down stem, good hose ports)
-large space in the base above the water level (seems to give thicker smoke and smoother pulls)

that is all it comes down to pretty much how well a rig smokes, pure and simple.

many people think one rig over another is better due to the craftsmanship or the hand made over the machine or visa versa. personally i think the craftsmanship of KMs is not as good as it should be (better than some generics ive seen for sure but not great) and the machine made myas have a bit of flow issues some times and the stems are super rough inside so they suck to clean).

kms are decent rigs but i think you can probably get just as good of a rig with a generic rig and save a lot of money

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