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Default Re: What is it what makes or breaks the hookah

You question was not very specific, I mean are you trying to compare KM to a Mya for example or to cheap chinese or to a Syrian style? Personally a KM or MZ or any other Egyptian made hookah are pretty much the same. There are some beautiful designs, some are solid others are stainless steel but the quality is similar. Syrians to me are the most beautilful and high quality so the one I have just sits in my living room as a piece of art. Mya's are chinese made and they are high quality but they are more expensive than many of the KMs. To me I like both but its traditional vs modern. As far as why KMs are $150 its all about marketing and what people are willing to pay for it. I personally would not pay more than $50-60 for a hookah regardless of what its called.
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