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Default Found a new favorite coal: Belgian Natty Disks

I ordered a roll of Belgian Natural Coal Disks from Social Smoke just to try them out. I read one review on them by Paulk who loved them, so I decided to go for them.
I don't want this to be a review thread, just a "call to attention" thread. I'll be posting a full review here as well, I just wanted to raise some awareness of these coals which I think a plain old review in the "Natural Coals" thread wouldn't do.

The coals look like quicklight disks but are naturals and are apparently made in Belgium. To get to the point, these coals are THE best coals I've ever used. They ash perfectly, they burn perfectly, they take about half as long as Coconaras or Cocbricos to light and they're a lot cleaner. There's no black stuff that gets all over your hands, only a tiny bit.

So all in all, give these coals a try, you won't be disappointed. I've tried CocoBricos, CocoNaras, Exoticas, and Three Kings, and these coals top them all.

Here's a link to them:
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