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Default Re: Hookahs on a plane (not a new Sam Jackson movie)

I brought my hookah back from Germany and I actually flew over Amsterdam. The hookah is no problem, people there know what it is. BUT you cannot take more than 250g of tobacco there unless you don't mind paying taxes on it. 250g is free, everything above that will be taxed. That's importing in general, no matter if it's in your suitcase or backpack.

So yeah, go ahead and take it and take my advice and buy some coals there. A 3kg bag of coals in Europe is around 5 Euros, so like $3. Here in the US, you'd pay around $30 for that amount of coals. Check out the thread I just started about Belgian Natty Coal Disks, see if you can get your hands on some of them for cheap over there. If not, buy some Cocobricos, they're pretty much the same as Coconaras but just way cheaper!
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