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Default Re: Beer or milk instead of water?

Sambooka did a video a while back on cleaning your rig with beer, but as for using it in the base I have no idea. The milk argument has been made a few times but if you do decide to use milk then you have to water it down because if you don't the milk bubbles up and will get into your hose.
From my experience the best thing by far to use is water. Milk, beer, soda, juice and alcohol all have an assortment of problems that water doesn't. Milk can go sour if any residue is left in the base/stem. Beer or juice would likely leave some left over residues unless cleaned very throughly. Lastly, soda is carbonated with CO2 which is going to be released as the bubbles from the draw will agitate the soda. This is probably the biggest issue because CO2 will poison you if you inhale too much. This being said, if you do use soda make sure that it is flat and is no longer carbonated to avoid this problem. Some people like to put alcohol into the base because they think that it will add to the "buzz" but unless you can get buzzed off fumes then I remain unconvinced. Water is tried and true and has been used for hundreds of years.

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