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Default Re: AF Cigar and some new flavors

Re: AF Cigar and some new flavors
Originally Posted by abu ronin
I believe the vendor dunkel is reffering to is *************.com. He introduced himself in a previous post. It appears that he carries only AF products(1 nahkla flav.).i have been thinking about ordering from him. His sight reminds me of the AF sight, and because he carries flavors that have yet to be released by the US distributor(sierra network), which leads me to believe he is iether connected to the company or is dealing w/a distr. outside of the US. his prices are REALLY good,btw.

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Yep that's the one. When I said he hasn't introduced himself I meant properly in the vendor introduction section.
Hi Guys
I need to clear some things up. The website is almost complete so I haven't made a formal intro yet. I will . We are also, opening a shop in OC in 2 weeks.
As far as the confusion on the AF line, I was told that I could carry the full AF line, so I posted all flavors that AF has, however I didn't know that not all flavors are available. That's why now you'll see the ones not available that say "coming soon". Thanks for noticing, and like I sadi we are still launching and working out bugs. We will have more products in the coming weeks but for now everything posted is available.
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