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Default Re: Smoking in Babol (back by popular demand)

One of the great things about Babol is that it's easy to talk to people that don't give a damn about football, Middle East pop music, consumerism or TV and that is indeed refreshing. I also love seeing the care that goes into making food, tobacco, tea and pretty much everything showing a concern about how things are done that one just doesn't find much any more save in small town Italian cottage industries.

Also marveled at the very intricate designs found on these trays that sit under the Ghalyoon and have to say that the local Bergamot flavoured tea puts Earl Grey to shame.

I do wonder anyone else here shares my enthusiasm for the 13th Floor Elevators or any other old psychedelic band from Texas and if anyone looked into any of the songs I mentioned? If not I suggest you do since they are amazing.

As to books, well my writing has mainly been obscure monographs about things like the Corn Laws, Corporatism in the era of Napoleon and comparative purchasing power of guild members Vs. modern unions and other such obscurities. I can't see how anything about my travels would be anything other then a bunch of unconnected stories that would likely confuse or bewilder most. Besides, I can't even say why the things i've experienced have happened which would leave the reader scratching his head and wondering what he read.
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