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Default Re: Never again...

So far ive had 3 starbuzz flavors.... Grape, Passion Kiss, and Peachs and Cream not a big fan of any really. They make me kinda sick. Which I think is due the sweetness like y'all were saying.

My last try with starbuzz today.... I got a decent array of flavors coming in through UPS this afternoon I am going to try.
Blue mist
Strawberry Margarita
Tangerine Dream
Safari Melondew
If I dont find one I like of that am giving up on them.

As for White Peach.... FUMARI!!! Love this stuff and I dont even like Peach flavorings. One downside to fumari is that its priced like an American made tobacco but made in Jordan.

As for the topic of liking a Tobacco then hating it... I haven't been smoking long enough I dont think.
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