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Default Re: Cleaning suggestions

Originally Posted by antouwan View Post
my friend's brother in law brought him an egyptian arguileh from Lebanon with him like 3 years ago. anyway we brought it back out a couple of months ago to try and make the magic happen....failed. this past weekend we tried again AND:

his plate/tray is rusted so i'm replacing that
i got him a new ball bearing
he's getting a new head and head grommet
new MYA hose
new base and grommet

so here's the deal. I got the brushes i use to clean my arguiles (base and stem brush) and tried to clean the inside of his pipe (that's what she said) and after running the brush through it around 10 times, and pouring scalding hot water down it i can still see some gunk built up on the side of the pipe when i look through it.

So, finally my question: anyone have some suggestions on how to get the little remaining crap out of there?

i've tried any and everything i knew and head of so any help would be much appreciated!

Using a mixture of diluted lemon juice, alcohol, dishwashing soap (only a small amount) and warm water will really help!

Also, this homemade brush will REALLY clean it out!
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