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Default Pennsylvania tax coming?

I work at a non profit in Pittsburgh and got an e-mail the other day asking us all to make phone calls to our representatives to try and pass a bill to extend funding for medicaid and similar programs. The organization I work for provides services to disabled people in the community, so I was ready to make some calls.

However, after doing some more digging, one of the things they are tacking on to this (among quite a lot of things) legislation is a tax on Other Tobacco Products (OTP). They are proposing a 30% tax, supported by all the usual fear mongering about healthcare costs and under age tobacco use through "gateway" products.

Here's the "fact sheet", although quite a few things on there are probably much less then factual.

If this comes to pass it will just encourage more people to buy online, as the lack of tax will offset any discouraging shiping costs.
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