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Default Re: desi murli first time!

When I'm smoking DM, as I am right now, I overpack it then tamp it down tightly. I poke holes straight through the holes in the bottom of the bowl (egyptian, either small or large), and then poke several holes around the perimeter of the bowl that go through to the bottom of the bowl to allow good air flow throughout the whole bowl of tobacco. I use a single layer of heavy duty foil and three coco's on a large bowl, 2 on a small one. I let it sit and "sear" the top layer of tobacco by moving the coals around about every minute for five to seven minutes. Once that is done I put R2D2 (my homemade windcover) on and start smoking it. I get good clouds, awesome flavor and it lasts usually between an hour to an hour and twenty minutes. Smoke happy.

Al Fakher Large Solid and a bowl of DM . . . life is good!
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