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Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
Well there's not much you can do to prepare for being raped by a Zaghoul, kinda like asking how to prepare for an irish boxing match against a cybernetically enhanced Mike Tyson.

As for prevention:

- glycerine, it makes it packable the standard way and much easily to get going

- naked overpack (traditional), gothkid and puck have a video on this i believe, basically pile it high, set the coals on, let it cook then hoover the crap outta it to get it going.

- rape whistle
Just adding glycerin is going to affect the flavor adversely. What you want to do is break up a bunch of the brick of tobacco and mix it with a good high quality amber molasses and maybe a tiny amount of glycerin to help the smoke and to help it not stick in the bowl once it's done smoking.

Glycerin is not an ingredient in traditional blends but adds some properties that make things easier to smoke.

You don't need to over pack and you should always use foil or a screen. Zaghloul is supposed to be smoked with indirect heat.
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