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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Just adding glycerin is going to affect the flavor adversely. What you want to do is break up a bunch of the brick of tobacco and mix it with a good high quality amber molasses and maybe a tiny amount of glycerin to help the smoke and to help it not stick in the bowl once it's done smoking.

Glycerin is not an ingredient in traditional blends but adds some properties that make things easier to smoke.

You don't need to over pack and you should always use foil or a screen. Zaghloul is supposed to be smoked with indirect heat.

Glycerine is all I use because it does not affect the flavor. I've found that molasses does. It mutes some of the spicier notes of the tobacco. I only add enough glycerine to bring the molasses that is already in the moessel back to a consistency more like it was when it was first packaged. Then I smoke it just like regular Nakhla.
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