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Default Smoked my Hookah yesterday

Wow, what a crappy experience I had.

1. I kept getting taste of sand from the hookah (tasted like charcoal going from the tube). I think its because the hookah piping was not cleaned for some time.

2. Had 4 cans of Hookah (Al Waha) Shisha which was in a plast bag cut open sitting in a can for about 1 - 1.5 years. Smelled alright, but had absolutly no flavor. tasted like chalk and burnt fruit. Looked like the tabacco dried up a little bit but it was still gooie

3. Used Golden Coal (Japanese Coal) ... Although I bought it a few years back and it was considered a good coal, I find this coal to have some flavor. (a bit chalky)

4. The Tabacco we smoked was three apple. 1 year ago this tabacco was pretty darn good, today after it sitting opened in a jar, tasted like crapples not apples.

so just wanted to share my story and how im upset with this old hookah.

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