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Default Re: Is it just me...

Originally Posted by dyeforlyf View Post
I do transfer to a tupperware container, but in the meantime it's such a damned hassle to get it in the container. Even with Tangiers, I can get all of the juices and tobacco into the container without getting a drop of syrupy mess on my hands.
Tangiers is easy to transfer.

I used a spoon to scrap all the juices down towards the tobacco, then I used a scissors to cut all the way across as close to the tobacco as I could. Squeezed all of it into the container, cuped the bag and scrapped the rest of the juices with the spoon.

I had to use 1 finger to scrap the stubborn jucies off the spoon but I had a wet paper napkin that I prepare next to me just for that.

Done and done. Now I have 3 new Tangiers flavors waiting to be smoked!
Less drama, more hookah!
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